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The IAM Store

Track 1: Introduction Music by Chris Griffin

Track 2: Engaging the Renewed Imagination, Introduction

Track 3: Four Principles of Cultural Renewal

Track 4: Principle 1 - Developing a Theory of Art

Track 5: Principle 2 - Art as an agent of cultural change

Track 6: Principle 3 - Community

Track 7: Principle 4 - Joy

Track 8: Music by Chris Griffin

Track 9: Question and Answer

Track 10: Music by Chris Griffin

Engaging The Renewed Imagination
$20 recommended donation + shipping/ handling

Speaker: Dr. Timothy J. Keller
Date Recorded: April 1, 2004


Can the voice, vision and work of the artist really make a difference in the world?

Dr. Keller explored this question in his lecture on one of the most significant artistic communities and unexpectedly influential literary circles of the 20th Century -- the Inklings.

The Inklings was a group of writers who met regularly in an Oxford pub, namely J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Dorothy Sayers, Charles Williams and others. Their experience in baptizing the imagination influenced the larger world and their rich insights resonate with a new generation of artists and influencers today.

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