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The IAM Store - Art For Donations Program

Become a Donor and recieve an archival print
We are seeking supporters and donors that will contribute $50 per month over a twelve month period. As a token of appreciation, you will recieve a signed, original print from our works of IAM artists. Each print is up to 42" x 51" in size, proportional to the original work's size. To join, simply click the "Join Supporters" button provided next to the image you would like to recieve.

January Hour - Epiphany
Makoto Fujimura, 1998
Collection of The Saint Louis
Museum of Art
Original Size: 76.4"x102.8"
View Larger
Twin Rivers of Tamagawa Makoto Fujimura, 1989
Collection of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music
Original Size: 227x227cm
View Larger
Sacrificial Grace Makoto Fujimura, 1997
Original Size: 90"x66"
View Larger
Bruce Herman, 2002
Original Size: 76" x 96"
View Larger

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